Winter’s World Marathon Tour for Prostate Cancer Awareness

Winter is on a world record setting marathon tour.  4 continents down, 3 to go!

•North America. The Eugene Marathon; Eugene, OR.  April, 2012 – 3:45:04 3rd Place Age Group Female (Pictures)
•Africa. The Amazing Maasai Marathon; Kenya, Africa.  September, 2012 – 4:04:00 3rd Place Overall Female (Pictures)
•Antarctica.  Marathon Tours Antarctica Marathon; King George Island, Antarctica. April, 2013 – 4:49:45 3rd Place Overall
         Female  New world record – Youngest person ever to complete a marathon in Antarctica (Pictures)
•South America.  The Inca Trail Marathon to Machu Picchu; Cuzco, Peru.  June 5, 2013 -9:18:44 Women’s Overall Winner &
         Course Record
•Asia. Sunrise to Sunset Marathon; Mongolia – August 7, 2013
•Oceana.  The Great Barrier Island Wharf to Wharf Marathon; New Zealand.  October 12, 2013
•Europe– Athens Classic Marathon Athens, Greece

Help support Winter in her quest to chase down a cure for prostate cancer.